Christian Ed April 5

Hello parents and caregivers,
Here we are again, the end of another week.  Many of you are doing well enough during our enforced time at home, but some of our friends, relatives and neighbors may not be.  With a free moment in your day, consider calling someone you haven’t heard from in a while.  You might be just what they need!  If you need a phone call – let me, Pastor Joel or Phyllis Scherer know.  We can call just to chat, or to help you out – however that may look.
I have attached the family Sunday School lesson and also the Children’s bulletin flyer that follows the scripture and worship theme for this Sunday, April 5.  Of course it can be used any time – whether you view our online worship or not.  Worship and a Children’s Message will be available Sunday on our website or through Facebook on YouTube:
Also, here is the Empowering Courageous Kids Palm Sunday video by Group Publishing.  

“Jesus’ Power is Unexpected”

Hear about people in the Bible who expected some things from Jesus. But Jesus didn’t do what they expected. Jesus doesn’t always work the way we expect either. Often, Jesus’ power is unexpected.

Feel free to send any of these resources on to those who could use them.  
We’re still here for you!
Marji Hughes
director of Christian Education