A Sunday School teacher asked a group of 1st graders if any one of them knew what Lent was. One little girl, holding her hand high and proud, stated that she knew what Lent was.  The little girl explained that “Lent” was the little things that her mom picked off the clothes when they came out of the dryer.

As grown-ups, we know that Lent has nothing to do with picking “fuzzy” things  off  our clothing, and everything to do with picking the “fuzzy” things off our lives.  Through self-examination, we can see that we have fallen short of God’s expectations for us.  Through prayer and silence, we can listen to God’s will for us.

Lent is a season both of repentance and anticipation, a time for reflection, and for taking stock of the direction of our lives.  We look back on the promises we made – but didn’t keep.  We hear a rooster crow and remember, like Peter, the times we denied knowing Christ; maybe not in spoken words but in our actions.

We look forward and find hope; we see the sunrise and know we have another day to try to get it right.

May your Lenten journey be blessed with self- revelation and new beginnings as we move toward the new life that the resurrection brings.