A quick look back

It would be dangerous to try to drive your auto by only looking in the rear-view mirror. In life, however, a quick look back allows us to see where we’ve been and to feel thankful for what we’ve experienced. Our choir led the way and on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, they shared the beautiful words of thanks “the blessings of God, we celebrate today”. They spoke for my heart when later in that same week we sat down as a family around the Thanksgiving table. Before we knew it, Advent was here, and preparations for Christmas were underway. Communion and decorating, then a redesigned Love Feast with the Seasons family sharing their unique musical talents. On to the joyful youth presentation on December 18. A beauty of candlelight services brought us to that night of nights that welcomed Christ the new born king. January 15, 2017 Pastor Susan Appreciation day let us share how much we appreciated her ministry among us. Now it is time to look forward. What ways will God bless us throughout this year ahead, so that we can look back again and say “thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow!”


Pastor Rich