The theme is “Go and do likewise”. The basis for this theme is the parable of the Good Samaritan, who reached out to help and by doing so, became the presence of Christ to a hurt and broken man. We seek to also be that loving help first to ourselves and then to others through our participation in the mission of the Church. Pause to consider what life would be like without the resource of your Church and the loving Jesus who is present with us through the Holy Spirit. Your church has stood ready to assist you through good times and bad, in celebration and in mourning, during sacred moments, at times of learning for young and old, of worship and of prayer, of pastoral care and support for all the ways that we together have been there throughout the year. Help us in the task of reaching out to others, and to recommit ourselves to an even stronger program in 2017 of service in the name of our Savior.

Please join us on November 13. To further help your church and your Savior, pray for the Church, attend worship, and drop your pledge card in the offering plate. If you cannot make it that day, please mail your pledge card to the church office in the envelope provided in this newsletter. Resolve to be a Good Samaritan! Go, and do the same!
Your Stewardship Committee