Time to Recommit
There’s an old Pennsylvania Dutch expression that goes something like this “the faster I go; the behinder I get!” I really don’t know if that is genuine, but it seems to make sense, the longer I live. There’s no way that we can possibly accomplish everything that we might want to. There are always some things that remain to be accomplished.
What life and our Lord offer us are choices, and we have many of them. It’s a tricky proposition to choose because they are not carefully labeled. Often choosing one priority leads to a whole list of choices on life’s path. That choice to live a bit more of a healthy life, might mean pushing ourselves to exercise more and perhaps also make fewer stops at Vassi’s in the evening.
Jesus asked the twelve disciples what seemed to be an easy question, in John 6:66 &67 :

“from that time on many of disciples turned back and no
longer accompanied him, so Jesus asked the Twelve, “Do
you want to leave too?” Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to
whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

We all come to times in our life to make some of these decisions and these will affect other parts of our lives. I put before you that question asked by Jesus, and ask to prayerfully reflect on it. Have we allowed the other decisions in our life to pull us away from our walk with the Lord? As we begin to talk and plan for Rally Day and the beginning of our fall schedule may we be challenged to; pray, reflect, rejoice and recommit to a faithful walk in Christ.
Pastor Rich