Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!  Psalm 150:6

As a child I always looked forward to summer vacation. It was a break from school, time to be outdoors, time to be at the West Reading pool, time to be fishing for sunnies at the mine hole near the Reading Hospital (it’s actually a parking lot now) and riding bicycles through dirt paths near the Tulpehocken Creek , (now the Berkshire Mall.) The world seemed wonderful and wide open. I don’t think it ever occurred to me to thank God for this wonderful feeling for this wonderful blessing.
As we grow older, we learn more about life’s dark side. We find that we need to deal with problems that come our way in so many different forms. There is a longing within us to return to those easier and simpler times. Every now and then, we get captured by unfettered joy by a beautiful day with lovely sights and warmth from above. We have learned that this moment is to be grasped in heart and mind as we become one with all others in God’s creation. As the last verse of the last Psalm shares “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”
Pastor Rich