God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.
1 Peter 4:10

Think about the various gifts that God has given to each of us, different people – different gifts. We are given those gifts to use and to share. By using our gifts, we may be able to help others discover theirs. Our gifts are priceless and eternal and should be used to glorify God. Here’s a true story of how the gift of knitting and crocheting has been used for God’s glory.
Once a month I volunteer at Phoebe Allentown at the Miller Center. I meet with a lovely group of women and we worship together. Last month, I took some prayer shawls with me as a gift from our congregation. They were thrilled to receive them. Some had never heard of a prayer shawl ministry and those who had, never received a prayer shawl. Since I never know for sure how many people will be there, I took extras. They immediately began to ask if they may have one of them for someone they knew was going through a hard time ( several people knew of others who were suffering). I left there empty handed – every shawl going to someone who needed to feel the love of God and of First United Church of Christ. Although we don’t always know the recipients of the shawls, the prayers that we say when we knit or crochet reach many people and the message they need hear to is conveyed by the message in shawl. Praise God for the gift of our knitters and crocheters!

Blessings, Pastor Susan

Pentecost and Confirmation. During the 10:30 worship service four young people will reaffirm their baptism vows and proclaim Christ as their Lord . During our retreat we learned about our baptism and our confirmation promises. These young people are prepared to take on their adult role in the life of First Church. Please warmly welcome them as full members of our congregation.