But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you –Matthew 6:33

Three of our grandchildren are jugglers. Al and I have always enjoyed watching them perform in the Brandywine Heights High School Juggling Club. A few weeks ago we traveled to New York City to see Alex juggle at a club on Broadway. The grandkids always made it look so easy. As a matter of fact, they all say it is easy. But everyone has their limit as to how many things they can juggle. Even a seasoned juggler will drop things if they try to juggle too many items. In a recent experiment, a number of married couples were asked to juggle several things. Each participating couple was given a crystal vase, a china cup and saucer, wedding rings, a cross, a china doll, a soccer ball, a hand–held computer. Of course, before long, one could hear the crashing of broken glass, china and rings and all sorts of things falling all over the stage; it was just too much to juggle.
All the families failed but one. This family kept a few things going: the cross (which symbolized their spiritual life), the wedding ring (which symbolized their marriage) and the china doll (which symbolized their children). They realized that they couldn’t do it all, so they set aside the less important things. So while the other couples had symbolically ruined their spiritual lives, marriages and family relationships, one couple was able to endure. As I see it, families today have many things to juggle, jobs, marriage, children, elderly parents, school, sports, dance, cheerleading, and other activities. We can’t do it all. So pick and choose wisely. The simple fact is, if we try to juggle it all, the best of what we have may fall and get broken, along with those things of less importance. Remember to include Sunday School and worship in your life.
Pastor Susan