Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. Lent is not an easy concept for children. But there is something we can do to help them understand this season of the church. Lent reminds us that it is important to have a close relationship with God and one way to do that is to encourage prayer. I like the legend of the Lenten Pretzel to remind children to pray.
The Legend of the Lenten Pretzel
A very long time ago, (in the early 600’s) there was a man who worked for God . Everything he did in his life was for God. He would pray and read the Bible many times during the day. He even grew and made his own food. He lived in a time where people did not eat milk or eggs during Lent so he had to make a special bread with just water, flour, and salt. While he was making this special bread he saw some leftover pieces of dough and decided to make something special. He formed the dough into what we know as a pretzel. But it was really the way children folded their arms when they prayed so many years ago. The man gave the children a pretzel when they learned to say their prayers. It was called a “Pretiola” which means little reward in Latin. So, the next time you have a pretzel, share this story with your children and remind them to pray every day.
Please plan on making it a habit to attend Sunday School and worship during Lent. It will help us all prepare for Easter and Christ’s glorious resurrection.
Pastor Susan

Dates to remember for worship and for study.

February 14th – Women’s Sunday
Several women from our congregation will lead the worship service.

February 15th Bibles and Brunch
The book of Esther is lead by Beth Moore through video and discussion.