Your poet has decided that
it’s time to take a rest.
Your comments all have made me feel
as though I have been blest.

But lately, it just seems to be
a really daunting task.
I feel, at times, I’m hiding here
behind a “smiling mask.”

At last count, it’s been forty-plus.
I really am quite proud
to have been able to write these words,
and not say them out loud.

But just to meet the deadline
every month, I had to push.
I often felt that I was tangled
in a sticky bush.

I thank you for your words of praise,
though not always deserved.
But I’ll accept them anyway,
and in my heart preserve!

C. Allen Yost

C.Allen Yost has shared his poetry in our newsletter for the past three years . His precious words, thoughts and humor have brought us much joy. He may not have a voice, but his poetry speaks loudly for him. We are so grateful that he chose our newsletter to express his voice ; for this we truly have been blest.  Thank you Allen and know you’ll always have a place to share your words when the spirit moves you.