Thanks and Appreciation in God’s World

Try to imagine this: A family is sitting at the dinner table and the children thank mother and father for their dedication in serving of the needs of the family. Thank you mom, for the really great meals, the clean home and clothes that we value so highly. Mom and Dad, thank you for meeting our financial needs, and our endless transportation needs as well. We really feel blessed to have you as parents.

In most cases, both mother and father would have thought that they died and had gone to heaven. Thanks and appreciation doesn’t seem to happen in the “real” world.

Well, I believe that God doesn’t want our “real’ world. God would rather us come to realize that this is His world. If that really happened, perhaps we would enjoy, appreciate and thank more often, and see all that we have and experience in life as just that, blessings.

If we think a mother or father would probably fall off her chair at the evening meal if thanked for all they do for the family, what do you think God would feel about his children showing more appreciation to Him?

Try this:

Dear God,
I really do appreciate you, honest.

Your child _____________________________.  (fill in your name)


Pastor Rich