“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness.”— Psalm 115:1

I recently read an article written by Emily Heath, senior pastor at a Congregational Church in New Hampshire. In it she recalled that during the late 1990’s, the phrase “What would Jesus do?” was all the rage. Her seminary professor asked her an alternate question. Instead of asking “What Would Jesus Do?” ask “Does it glorify God?”

That set me to thinking. Especially, since I used the first phrase often in the past.  My mother even used to say something very similar to us many years before it became famous. So “WWJD” became a  measuring stick for my actions. But, after reading, “Does it glorify God?” I realized that I don’t really know what Jesus would do in every situation. But I do know that everything he did was to glorify God.

Our Christian Education program, our VBS, our worship, and our very lives should glorify God. That’s the real test! As Emily Heath said, “If the answer is ‘no,’ why do it? But if the answer is ‘yes,’ we can act boldly and in good faith.”  Let us promise ourselves that we will glorify God by attending worship and supporting our church even during the summer months.

Donations of:

  • 2 lt. Soda bottles
  • Dollar store battery tea lights
  • Vanilla Cups cakes, frosted (no peanut butter frosting)
  • White fluffy polyester filling
  • Sheets of white quilt batting

To borrow for props:

  • Snow shoes
  • Sleds/toboggans
  • Pop up canopy tents
  • Small dome tents
  • Winter boots
  • Crates
  • Skis and poles


  • Photographer
  • Someone to prepare power point presentation
  • Folks to cut out and prepare craft kits
  • Station leaders /helpers


Pastor Susan