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From The Pastor’s Pen – June 2015

by FirstUCC

Thanks and Appreciation in God’s World Try to imagine this: A family is sitting at the dinner table and the children thank mother and father for their dedication in serving of the needs of the family. Thank you mom, for the really great meals, the clean home and clothes that we value so highly. Mom and Dad, thank […]

Time to Retire

by FirstUCC

Your poet has decided that it’s time to take a rest. Your comments all have made me feel as though I have been blest. But lately, it just seems to be a really daunting task. I feel, at times, I’m hiding here behind a “smiling mask.” At last count, it’s been forty-plus. I really am […]

Pastor Susan’s Reflections – June 2015

by FirstUCC

I recently read an article written by Emily Heath, senior pastor at a Congregational Church in New Hampshire. In it she recalled that during the late 1990’s, the phrase “What would Jesus do?” was all the rage. Her seminary professor asked her an alternate question. Instead of asking “What Would Jesus Do?” ask “Does it glorify God?” That set […]