Confirmation Tops the List

On Sunday May 24, 2015 we will celebrate the Festival of Pentecost. This tradition of the Church remembers the gift of the Holy Spirit and its founding or “birthday”. Our traditional text for that day is Acts 2: 1-21. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, the foundations are shaken and Christ’s presence is made known, not just as past remembrance Jesus’ earthly ministry but the here and now of us acting for and with an ever-present God. In preparation for that day, please read the text from Acts and wear some red on Pentecost (guess what the red will represent).
The final event of May will be Trinity Sunday May 31, 2015. It is our very special day of Confirmation here at First Church.  It is my hope and prayer that you will be present to celebrate with them as they take their vows of commitment to Jesus Christ before our congregation. Later in the morning we will enjoy a luncheon together in New Fellowship Hall to honor them. The month of May holds many important events, but in my mind, Confirmation is at the top!
See you there!
Pastor Rich