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Pastor Susan’s Reflections – May 2015

by FirstUCC

When Al was hospitalized last month, we experienced this commandment in action. His roommate was an elderly Mennonite man. His wife stayed by his side day and night and his grown children and his young grandchildren came frequently to visit. The love of this family was tangible, it filled the room. As we entered the room, we exchanged polite nods […]


by FirstUCC

At eighty-six, don’t need a fix To get me up and movin’. Though, there are times, I will admit, I just don’t feel “like groovin’. So, I’ll just sit, relax a bit, And watch the world go by. Sometimes it’s only strolling, Sometimes it really flies. But either way, I know His hand Is firmly […]

Yard Sale & Bake Sale – May 2nd

by FirstUCC

Come to church on Saturday beginning at 9AM and look over the many yard sale and white elephant items we have to offer as well as a wonderful selections of baked goods. Who knows what surprises you will find?

From the Pastor’s Pen – May 2015

by FirstUCC

Confirmation Tops the List On Sunday May 24, 2015 we will celebrate the Festival of Pentecost. This tradition of the Church remembers the gift of the Holy Spirit and its founding or “birthday”. Our traditional text for that day is Acts 2: 1-21. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, the foundations are shaken and […]