This is the month of mixed
emotions, crucifixion, resurrection!
The first filled us with sorrows deep,
so upset we scarce can sleep.

What caused the mob to get so riled,
to hear their leaders so defiled.
He spoke against the ruling class,
causing anger in the mass.

Remember back in days of old,
segregation ruled the hand,
If your color wasn’t right
then you didn’t own the land.

But in the time of Jesus,
segregation was quite strong,
The Jews were thought a lowly class,
So what they said was wrong.

When Jesus spoke about His Lord,
they took Him into court.
The judge could find no legal wrong,
so he made no retort.

The mob kept screaming “CRUCIFY”
As they marched him through the streets,
flailing at his arms and legs,
dressed in ragged sheets.

They led Him to Golgotha
with mayhem in their soul.
When Jesus spoke about his God,
they labeled him “a fool”.

They nailed his hands and then his feet,
and stripped his clothes away.
They raised the cross into its place,
and they called it a day.

For six long hours he hung in shame
his body wracked and torn,
while villagers threw rocks and stones
and greeted him with scorn.

His body then was taken down and
placed in Joseph’s tomb.
A heavy rock was rolled up tight
to seal in all the gloom.

When Mary and her friend arrived
to tend his final needs,
they found he was no long there,
and they were sore afraid.

An angel of the Lord came down
and gave them the good news
to spread to all the nations round

C. Allen Yost