Celebrating God’s Victory

The beginning of Lent becomes a time for us to look inward, so that we may see outward! Nowhere in the Bible do we read that “life will be a bowl of cherries”, and as I recall, Jesus said to his disciples, “ pick up your cross and follow me”. Is it any less true today? Life doesn’t have challenges, it is a challenge!

If Lent is a time to work on our inner and spiritual nature, does that mean we become self-absorbed? No, a journey inward is a corrective period that allows us to challenge our assumptions, face our fears and truly allow God to get to work on our most inner parts. As a result of this journey, we can begin to see our life and that of others, not through our eyes and ears, but through the eyes and ears of Jesus. Allowing God to see us as we are becomes a continuing process of our transformation and our conversion to Christ’s way. Some would claim that this is a once and done experience of life; that is not how I have seen it. We may have a clear memory of the beginning of our life in Christ, but certainly not the end of that journey. Life is way too changeable and challenging at each of life’s stages to be informed only by connections with God that have grown old and rusty.

The journey inward concludes with a wonderful gift, which is the gift of Easter, new life, love, caring and renewal. Join the Lenten journey which concludes with a glorious joy on Easter. April 5, 2015.


Pastor Rich