Last year I claimed this month as mine
nobody else could have it
because of that fantastic day
What happened? Well, let’s name it.

I had a birthday, one of many,
the number’s way to big.
I start in counting, then forget,
I have to scratch “my wig.”

So’I’ve decided that there’ll be
no more birthdays just for me,
because I just can’t count that high,
It takes too long, you see.

And when that day arrives again,
I’ll just wake up and smile
The good Lord’s gonna have to wait,
for me, a little while.

An uncle went at 99
an aunt at 102
I don’t want to “ break the trend.”
Gee, what’s a guy to do?

So I’m just gonna hang around
as long as I can make it.
Then, when He calls me to His home
His hand held out, I’ll take it!

C. Allen Yost