New Beginnings

Think of the many expressions there are that describe the opportunity
and the ability to start over. Wipe the slate clean is one. Reset is
another. How about reboot? Sorry can I make a fresh start? Sorry, my
mind wasn’t in gear when my mouth engaged; may I start over?  You get
the picture. It really is the art of relationship, the desire and often the
necessity to begin again. Our words and our actions do matter. The way
we interact with others does have consequences. There was a movie in
the 1970’s that had a line “love means you never have to say you’re
sorry.” Really? In the four decades since then I cannot imagine anything
more distant from the truth.

Most of the expressions of starting over seem to imply that we return to
the same place. I don’t think that is true, especially in our relationship to
God. When the awareness of our need to confess comes we know that we will
be heard and we trust that the slate gets wiped clean, by the saving work
of Jesus. The difference with this starting over is that in Christ we
continue with life but now at a higher point from where we started out.
We have learned spiritually. Yes, we do slip and need to confess, but the
new beginning is on the higher ground, better ground, more firm ground.
Starting over is putting our trust that God is at work with us and on us, to
make us more like his Son.  A New Year is here, a traditional time of the
fresh start; let’s make it but this time for our God’s sake.

Happy New Year everyone!

Pastor Rich