My word, can you believe,
another year has just flown by?
It’s time, again, for every one
to pray to Him on high!

Reach out to someone whom you think
has done you grievous wrong.
Extend the hand of love and welcome,
greet them with a song.

It may confuse them, make them wonder
“maybe I was wrong?”
Surround them with the love of God.
Ask them to come along.

Our life throughout our time on earth
is better when we share.
There is no room for hate within
if we are filled with care.

Throughout my years I’ve had my share
of thoughts not kind or sweet.
But I’ve found out the only one
they’ve worked against was me.

So take a lesson from His word
Reach out to all with love.
And when your time on earth is done,
join Him in heaven above.

C. Allen Yost