Birthdays come but once a year
with lots of celebration.
But there’s one birthday honored
in every land and nation.

The parents were a carpenter and
his humble, loving wife,
who worshiped God devoutly
throughout their quiet life.

No fancy med facilities,
no doctors standing by.
A simple straw-filled manger,
guardian angels in the sky.

There were three wise men traveling
a long, long way from home.
bearing gifts appropriate for
a king upon a throne.

Led by a brilliant shining star
across the desert land,
these men forged on relentlessly,
a dedicated band.

As they approached the stable,
not knowing what lay within.
They knew their journey was complete,
they were free men again.

Thus, was begun a holiday
With caroling in the air,
and everyone rejoicing, knowing
that their God is there!

C. Allen Yost