October comes but once a year,

Just look around, by gosh, it here!

Leaves are changing, days are cool.

moms relax (?) while kids at school.

Looking back on summer days,

what did we do to while away

the long, long hours of fun and play,

we took time off and went away.

Some went north, some went south

and some went east or west.

Some could not be bothered,

and just stayed home to rest.

Think of this, does God ever

take time to rest, repair

It seems whene’er we need Him,

He’s always, always there.

No sign that says,”Heaven is closed,

our Savior needs a rest”

In terms that everyone will know

“24/7” is His crest.

He never says “Come back next week.

We’ll have more time to talk.”

He wants to know what bothers you,

He’ll never ever balk.

So if you ever feel upset,

unsettled and perturbed,

just fold your hands and knee down

He’ll never feel disturbed.

He’ll lift that weight from off your back

He’ll help in every way.

Just cast your cares upon the Lord

and brighten up your day.

Poem by:

C. Allen Yost