I ventured into church one morn

and sat behind the Hackers.

I wasn’t doing anything

I felt just like a slacker.

So when I met with Pastor Rich

I asked “what can I do

to make this church my home, and try

to be a part of you?”

Our children come to Bible School

to learn about their lord

by listening to their teachers

and by reading from His word.

The days are getting shorter now,

the nights a little cool.

the children getting all dressed up

and heading off to school.

It’s nice to be a member of

a church that really cares.

When e’er they see someone in need

they hurry in to share.

Should e’er I need true sustenance

or tender loving care,

I know my fellow members here

at First Church will be there!

Poem by:

 C. Allen Yost