A Very Alive summer!

It’s been a very lively summer around these parts and it’s difficult to believe that this season is coming to an end! As one who has enjoyed my summers over the years there is always a touch of sadness in the closing of hot weather with the return to autumn and a more formal schedule. As a child, I could remember mourning the closing of the West Reading community pool with the thought it would be school days once again. As a child , I think I would have been hoping for a long teacher’s strike (no thought of tomorrow or consequences in those days) but now as an adult (a grandparent at that) I do hope that a plan can be approved in our community to get our children into the classroom. Hard feelings will probably be the only fruit to be grown here if that happens. Let’s all pray for a just and quick solution.

Let me pick a few highlights of our church’s summer. It seemed that people stayed around more after worship to catch up with each other and share notes. The rush for the door seemed noticeably less than in cooler weather. I really like that! We had a yummy breakfast that was successful in many ways but most of all from the fellowship standpoint. I think that our Bible School in July was one of the liveliest and best, ever. We even needed to set up additional tables and chairs for our “indoor picnic”. The Joyces and Santos celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversaries. We welcomed visitors over the summer and will probably be seeing some of them join us in the fall. A first time event, the Summer Senior Buffet has sixty signed up. This undoubtedly will become an annual event and may spawn other gatherings and fellowship events for all ages!
God has truly blessed us and got us out of a Summer Slump. May all of us appreciate the blessings that God has shared with us and keep the momentum going forward!

Blessings, Pastor Rich